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3 Life Lessons Learned Last Month.

3 Things I learned last month – there were many things, but here are just 3…

Wow. Feeling like this year is absolutely FLYING by, I can hardly catch my breath! As I reflect on things especially this last month I realized I’ve had a few lessons, realizations, and “come to Jesus” moments that I thought I should share with all of you. Some you may already know, some you may just need to hear again, or perhaps you’re reading for entertainment purposes only! I hope to give you a little something to take away no matter what!

Lesson 1: Facials are amazing and everyone should get one.

I’m so serious. You should immediately schedule yourself a facial. Like NOW! Pause right here and call schedule an appointment for a facial, you will thank me later. Here’s the deal, I’m in my mid… ok maybe upper 30s… I’m starting to see some fine lines and dark spots on my face and am not happy about it. So I decided to try a facial and get some expert advice on a skin care regimen (yes, I just said regimen) before I run to the nearest person and get botox. If botox is for you, go you! Do it! I may end up on the botox train eventually, but I want to try a different route first. So I got a facial. Who knew something so good for your skin could also feel SO AMAZING?! I didn’t! I didn’t know! And in case you didn’t know either, it is so good! So if you haven’t paused and scheduled your facial yet, do not wait any longer! Go do it!

Lesson 2: Selling something slightly sentimental that you no longer use, doesn’t make it any easier to let go.

Ok, so this lesson may have left you scratching your head. Here’s a long story made short in this one paragraph. I own a boutique, I have owned a boutique for almost 6 years. I opened a storefront 2 years ago, but for those first 4 years we were mobile, as in, my boutique was in a truck. And this truck was AWESOME you guys! She was pink, and beautiful, and her name was Betty. And when driving the truck I just felt kind of awesome. Anyway, I’ve been debating selling her for about a year, as Betty is how I got my start and it just didn’t feel right to sell her. Well the time came a couple weeks ago, and I sold Betty to another boutique owner just starting out. Betty will remain a boutique but get a whole new look. I was so happy to see Betty go help this gal build her dreams as she had done for me (yes I’m talking about my truck as an actual person), but I was so sad to let her go. I am still going through a bit of a grieving process, and I’ve accepted this – it’s weird to grieve over an inanimate object.. But I’m cool with weird. So, I guess the lesson for all of you here, is that it’s ok to know that something is right but still feel a little sad about it.

Lesson 3: Your thoughts, and the words you say to yourself matter.

photo cred: Michael Woolheater Photography

This is one you probably already know. We ALL know… we know we need to speak kindly to ourselves, blah blah blah. But the truth is that it can be so hard! We are our own worst critics, and we are downright mean to ourselves sometimes! (future blog post to come all about this topic) I had been REALLY struggling for about a month, maybe longer but the last month was really bad. Then I went to a women’s retreat, and was reminded about all the strategies I used to use to keep my mind, body, and soul alive and happy. One major thing is that inner mean girl, you know the one… she’s the voice in your head that’s constantly telling you you’re not doing something right, or you don’t look the way you should, or that your mommin’ skills aren’t what they should be, you aren’t the best wife, mother, sister, business owner, employee, neighbor, helper, etc. that you should be. Well, sometimes we just need to tell that voice to SHUT UP! And force our inner voice to say kind, supportive, encouraging words to us instead. When that inner mean girl (mine’s named Nancy) begins to speak unkindly and untruthfully to you – tell her to shush and instead speak kindly, repeat affirmations, etc. instead. Like I said – this is a WHOLE blog post on it’s own that will be coming later, but for now, I hope this helps a bit! Whew, alright friends, that’s all I have for you this week! Let me know if anything here was helpful for you. Let me know if you’re struggling with something that I could possibly write about and help you with. Or let me know if you are succeeding at something and I can be your cheerleader! I’m here for you, friend. You are NOT alone!

Stay Wild,

xoxo – Chrystal



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