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Wildly You Events

These events are aimed at creating experiences where women come together to encourage and support one another up the mountains of life. Where you embrace the adventure of connecting with your true, authentic self. You are Wildly You!

Wildly You Women's Summit

A one day summit for women from all walks of life focused on self discovery, connection, and living as authentically, wildly you.

Date: September 30th, 2022 

Wildly You Girls Night Out

A two-day event for girls ages 10-14 and their moms or significant female adult in their life. An event for confidence building, fun, connection, and openness. The timeline of this event is
Friday 6-9pm: daughters & mom/adult female

Saturday 9am-12pm:  mom/significant female adult

Date: Spring 2023

Wildly Active 


Wildly You Yoga with Chrystal: Enjoy time for you with a nice, vinyasa flow!

$10 per person and taking place at The Paisley Pod. Mats available if needed.
Dates: September 10th, September 24th


Wildly You Hike & Meditation: Get out and explore the local trails! Plus we will add in some mindfulness, and as always fun!
Dates: September 11th, September 25th

Wildly You Retreats

Imagine time away, that is full of rest, connecting, and of course fun! Food, lodging, planning - everything is taken care of ahead of time, just for you!

Wildly Business Retreat

Goal setting, collaborating with other women business owners, time to decompress, and have fun!

Date: January 19 - 22, 2023 (reserve your spot soon)

arizona sunset - chrystal
Wildly You Retreat

A time to nourish, a time to reflect, and a time to connect with others.

Date: TBD

Wildly Fun Retreat

Release and relax with zero responsibility. This retreat is all about fun!

Date: TBD

Interested in having a retreat for you, your friends, employees, or business? I will plan out your specific retreat for you! Simply email for info.