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Mountains at Dusk


Makeup and Skincare 

After learning that I have Hashimotos, and the importance of using clean beauty, skin care, and personal products to reduce our body's toxic load, I went in search of clean products that I love! Here are a few to check out. 


  • toxic free, clean, skincare and makeup products that feel and look amazing!

  • I am a Crunchi advocate and earn $ based on your purchases.

I use the entire skin care line as well as the makeup. The ENTIRE skin care line, Goldenlight facial serum, mascara, smart primer, foundation, lip gloss, and lip crayons are all favorites.

Juniper Apothecary

  • local, mom made, all natural products, and absolutely wonderful!

I enjoy SO MANY things. The sugar scrubs, body lotion, magnesium cream, foot cream, shampoo/conditioner. Literally all of my shower/bath products come from Juniper​

Health & Wellness

Moon Juice

  • supplements and powders made with adaptogens.

They have a ton of great supplements for many different needs. I personally use SuperHair, Magnesi-om, Cosmic Cocoa, and Ting.


  • electrolyte drink with 0 grams of sugar. 

    • yes, there is 1000mg of sodium in a serving, but if you eat a fairly clean and whole food diet you aren't getting enough sodium and the sodium in LMNT is totally good :)​

My favorite flavor is the Watermelon Salt. There is also a sample pack so you could get a few of the most popular flavors and see what you like best! They recently added some yummy sounding flavors that you could also drink warm but I haven't tried them yet.​​

Plant Therapy

  • essential oils, diffusers, etc

There are so many essential oil companies, use the one you love. Plant Therapy has great oils at a bit of a lower price point. I use essential oils for SO MANY THINGS! To diffuse, for hair oils, cleaning products, my own oil roller creations, so many uses. You can also purchase already made for you oil rollers and diffuser mixes. So good!​

Insight Timer

  • meditation app

  • free option, guided meditations, classes, and more

I like to use Insight Timer for guided meditations. They often help me focus on certain things I'm facing and the guided medtitaions keep me more focused and allow my mind to be calm and not wander as often. ​

More Faves will be coming soon!

**I am not an affiliate for most of the brands and companies I mentioned, I simply love and believe in these products, businesses and companies. For those that I am an affiliate/advocate for (Crunchi), I have made sure to list myself as such in the bullet points under that company. As an affiliate I earn a small compensation based on your purchase with my links at absolutely no additional cost to you. I will only ever recommend products and companies that I absolutely love, believe in and use myself :) 

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