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Mountains at Dusk


Adventure Coaching
What does an Adventure Coaching Session look like?
  • 1 hour of talking and walking outdoors. (if SUPER cold, we will have an alternative to the outdoors)

  • The trail/hike/walk locations are all near Brandon, SD. They will generally alternate between the Big Sioux Rec, Beaver Creek Nature Area, Arrowhead Park, and Great Bear (summer months). Locations will be noted once a session is booked. 

    • Not local? Please note this on your pre-session questions and we will work out an alternative via phone or video call :) ​

  • When booking you're session you’ll answer a few questions that will help to guide our chat.  

  • Following our time together, you’ll receive a personalized email with reminders from our session as well as any recommendations or resources that may be helpful for you.

Why outdoors and why do we walk instead of sit?

  • Nature is such a powerful force and brings a feeling of comfort and relaxation. This encourages deeper connection and conversation. 

  • Walking and talking side by side rather than face to face can feel less intimidating. This helps you to feel more comfortable and the conversation flows easily and freely.

  • Movement gets energy flowing, increases circulation and blood flow to the brain which can help with creativity and overcoming difficult situations.

  • Being outside, in nature, moving our bodies, and talking with someone who cares is good for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It just really feels good!

Nervous about the physical aspect of these walks/hikes? Please don't be! While moving towards goals and growth can be a marathon, our adventures will NOT be. These are gentle and inspirational walks and hikes - no training necessary! There is also always an option to choose a Zoom meeting if you'd prefer :) 

What kinds of things do we chat about during our session?

I'll tell you a secret - this is totally up to you!

  • Do you have a dream for your life, your family, your business, your career? Do you have a passion and desire to live your best life? Do you see a spark of something more, but aren’t sure of what that “more” is? 

  • Are you wanting to love and accept yourself as you are, while also dreaming of something more for you, your career, your family, your health, etc? 

I’d love to be by your side, encouraging, inspiring, and supporting you through any and all of these areas. I am here to listen, comfort, offer guidance, be your cheerleader, and empower you as you lean into who you are designed to be, who you are as Wildly You.

Package Options:

Ready to go after your goals and dreams, and to receive support, guidance, and accountability along the way? A three or six session package is a great option for you! Commit to yourself, save a bit of money, and schedule when you're ready!


A package is a great option for you if you are:

  • ready to commit to yourself, your goals, and your dreams.

  • wanting to explore who you are and love that person wholly. 

  • ready to make moves and take steps towards creating the life of your dreams.

  • wanting to commit to yourself while also saving a bit of money.


How does a package work?

  • save money by purchasing a package

  • choose either a 3 or 6 session package

  • pay in full and the sessions are ready for you

  • schedule your sessions whenever you are ready (I recommend no more than one session per week, and no less than one session per month to get the most out of your coaching).

  • Save $132 when you choose a 6 session package or $45 when you choolse a 3 session package

To choose a package, simply click on the "Explore Package Options" below. Or click "Book a Single Session" to book just one session. 

**Please Note: I am not a doctor, therapist, psychologist, etc. Any and all opinions, thoughts, and suggestions shared during and after our sessions are based on my own experiences and knowledge. 

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