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Wildly Business Collective

Wildly Business Collective

The Wildly Business Collective is a community of local, female business owners and entrepreneurs. The collective supports one another through education, connection, referrals, and encouragement. Individually we are strong, but together, we can move mountains.

The "Why" behind the Collective:

Being a business owner/entrepreneur can be absolutely amazing, fun, and invigorating! It can also sometimes feel lonely, overwhelming, and like no one really “gets” you. This is exactly why I wanted to create the Wildly Business Collective! Connection is at the forefront of the Wildly Business Collective - the opportunity to connect with, talk with, learn from, grow from, etc. other women who “get” it. Like Jon Acuff says “the bigger the dream, the bigger the community you need.”


This group will be different from anything you’ve been involved in previously. The best way I can describe it is to imagine that a networking/referral group and a mastermind group got together and had a love child… This love child would be the Wildly Business Collective. Each meeting is focused on celebrating each member’s wins, offering support in whatever form each member needs (referrals, prayers, introductions, etc), and growing together both in business and life, through education and guided conversations.

  • Build strong business relationships with other like minded women.

  • Create and feel a sense of connection and belonging.

  • Build networks, and refer new clients, customers, etc to one another.

  • Support one another through our own experiences, encouragement, feedback, and resources

  • Learn/Educate - training within the group/by group members, monthly discussion topics, as well as occasional guests/experts brought in to teach and share with us.

Group of awesome female entrepreneurs connecting, supporting, and encouraging one another. The Wildly Business Collective
  • for female business owners/entrepreneurs

  • limit to a max of 12 members

  • category exclusive - one member per business category (ex. one photographer, one graphic designer, one realtor, etc.)

  • WBC membership is an investment of $100 per month for 6 month membership

  • WBC membership + monthly 1:1 coaching with Chrystal is an investment of $175 (a savings of over $50) per month for 6 month membership

  • 20% off 1:1 coaching sessions with Chrystal (if not enrolled in WBC + Coaching)

  • members only pricing on Wildly You events and retreats (discount differs depending on event)

  • opportunity to register for Wildly Business Retreats before announced to the public

  • communication and connection with all members in a group Viber chat 

  • twice monthly meetings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month 

  • please do your best to be present at most meetings

  • meetings begin at 8:30am

  • meetings will be kept to 2 hours with the opportunity to come early and/or stay late for networking

  • meetings are held in Brandon, SD and locations could change (changes will be communicated in advance via email)

  • 6 month memberships available with opportunity for renewal

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