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Mountains at Dusk


Until you step into
the unknown
you won't know what you're made of. 

Alright, so a little about me!


My Roots

I’m a midwest girl, living in South Dakota and LOVING it. I’ve taken on many different titles and jobs throughout my years on this beautiful planet, trying to find what’s “for me”.


After college I began a career in banking, first as a personal banker and shortly after becoming a bank manager. I stayed in this role for ten years! What!? Yeah, 10 years!


Throughout those years, I tried out many different side gigs, always searching for what would actually light my soul on fire (pardon the major cliche there). I tried my hand at network marketing, side gigs of starting a music for kids program, and finally starting a mobile boutique with my sisters. This last opportunity is where my heart finally began to sing (yes, again with the cliches).


Life on the Road

We started our mobile boutique, The Paisley Pod, in 2015. In the fall of 2016, I was given the opportunity to solely take over the business. My sisters are amazing, and knew that my heart didn’t belong in banking. They also knew that in order for me to leave that career, I needed to be sole owner of our boutique and helped to make that happen for me.


Fast forward to 2017, I finally was able to leave the banking world and begin my full time gig as an entrepreneur. This. Was. So. SCARY! Despite what you may think, entrepreneurship does not equal lots of money and free time. It is hard work with very little pay much of the time. But I stuck with it and was able to open a physical location in 2019. Woo Hoo! 

Three years after opening my storefront location, I again had a decision to make. The boutique survived 2020 (barely), but I also had realized during this time that the reason I loved the boutique at its core was because I love the people. I love uplifting, encouraging, and connecting with each person who entered the store. I wanted to do more of this, on a bigger scale, and in order to do that I knew that I needed to close the boutique. 

So in the summer of 2022, I closed the doors of The Paisley Pod. It was not easy, there were many on my knees moments, many tears, and second guessing everything. But I followed where I believe God was leading me and stepped fully into this beautiful business, Wildly You.


Living in the Moment

The thing I love most in life (besides my three beautiful babes and awesome husband) is bringing people together where they are free to be authentically themselves, where they can have fun (yes, like a party—give me all the parties!) and where they can connect with myself and others while learning and growing and discovering how AMAZING they really are!


Which brings me to here and now. This site, this community, all of the events, retreats, and adventure coaching. I hope that this can be a place for you to learn, to laugh, to grow, to accept your awesomeness, and to come together with others in pursuit of the same. All within the open arms of this community we are building.

Here I will share about all the things that I love in this life, with the hopes of encouraging you, making you laugh, making you feel like you aren’t alone, and being a friend as we walk this life together.


My promise with Wildly You is to create events, retreats, and opportunities for you and I to gather with others, to connect, to support and to encourage one another as we strive to live our lives wildly! 

Stay wild,

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