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Welcome to the Wildly Business Collective

Hooray! You're in! 

Please complete your membership below. On the next page, it will bring you to a calendar, click the button that says "check next availability", then fill in the information and continue. Once completed, be on the lookout for an email from me (sent within a week of completing) with the date, time, and location of our next Collective meeting, as well as an example agenda to help you to get a feel for the flow of our meet ups! 

As a reminder, our meetings will take place the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 8:30am, unless a date change is required due to holidays, etc.  

If you have any questions prior to your first meeting, please reach out to me via email

I am so happy to have you as a memeber of the Wildly Business Collective!

Stay Wild!

Side note: 
Because of the way the payment system works (I’m at the mercy of my website providers capabilities), your monthly payments will start the day you complete the membership and payment information. For some, that may look like your last payment coming out a full month before your membership ends. Totally ok! I have a system in place to track the date of your final payment, final meeting, and renewal. And I’ll keep you in the loop on ALL the things!

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