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It's a God Thing.

Do you ever have those moments where you think to yourself - “That was totally a God thing.”? Maybe that’s all the time, which is amazing if you are listening and that in tune to realize that! I basically need God to smack me in the face with a 2x4 in order to listen or realize he’s doing something for me. Then I’m still only hearing about half of what He has in mind. Who’s with me on that one? Anyway, it’s been a tough couple weeks with business, and life, and ALL THE THINGS. I’ve felt less confident in my decisions, a little crabby, a bit down, and all in all unsure of what I’m supposed to be doing. And right alongside the indecision and “what am I supposed to do” questions whirling around in my head, come all of the ideas and should dos and “what about this” moments. That is TOO MUCH HAPPENING IN MY HEAD! And when there’s too much going on, I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start and therefore just don’t do anything. Wow! That was a lot of mumbo jumbo I just spat out at you - welcome to my headspace.

So back to the “God just did that” moment. I had been feeling a little overwhelmed and sad, and this particular week I had employees needing days off, therefore I needed to be working in my store for more often than usual. On this particular day, I wasn’t thrilled to be working in my store. Don’t get me wrong, I love my store and love being there, but Fridays and Saturdays are supposed to be “my day” and days with my family, so I was a little bummed about needing to work. So I was sitting there on Saturday morning feeling a little bummed out, and in comes a good friend from way back - we’re talking we’ve known each other for 30 years (oh wow, I’m old enough to now say things like “we’ve known each other for 30 years” - yikes!). She doesn’t live near me or my store, we don’t talk much or see each other much, but she’s the friend you can see and hug and chat like no time has gone by. So she pulls up, walks into my store, and gives me the biggest, best hug (the kind that takes your breath away just a bit). We catch up, I get to see her adorable son, and she tells me how excited she was to learn about the event I’m putting on this fall. She goes on to say how it will be such a positive opportunity for so many women and how it is amazing that I am putting it on. She quite literally feeds my soul with so many affirmations. I was feeling empty and she began to fill me back up.

This was a definite God moment, no 2x4 needed, just a tight embrace from a long time friend and some positive words for my soul. This God moment helped me to understand that I am moving in the direction He has laid out for me. This friend had no idea of how I’ve been feeling or what I’ve been struggling with, she just came to see me because she was in town. In my journal, I described this friend as a ray of light, love, and positivity. So thank you - if you’re reading this, you know who you are, thank you!

Not that every blog post needs to be educational or have a lesson behind it… but also, my passion lies in encouraging you, giving you something to ponder, or just sharing my experiences in hopes that they help you in some way or somehow! Or maybe you read for entertainment purposes, which is also totally valid! Ha! So for today’s “lesson”...

First - it’s OK to feel your feelings. Allow yourself to feel sad and bummed out if that’s how you’re feeling. Feel it, experience it, and stay in that feeling for a bit. Just don’t allow yourself to stay there forever, you need to move from this step to the next one…

Second - Figure out how to get past step one. Journal it out (I know, this can sound so cliche! But it really can help!). Look for things and experiences to be grateful for and really feel that gratitude. This can be something as simple as that delicious, warm cup of coffee or tea you had that day.

Third - Be open. What in the world do I mean by this?! Open your mind, heart, and hands to opportunities surrounding you. When you are closed off or stuck in those negative feelings, it can be hard to see the positive opportunities that are right in front of you. I will literally go outside, barefoot in the grass (this is called grounding - something for another blog post), close my eyes, open my hands beside me, turn my head to the sun and wait. You can also do this with prayer, meditation, or journaling. It’s all about clearing your mind and being open and aware of the opportunities in front of you.

If you do these things, hopefully you will begin to feel more centered and less anxious, and therefore be able to pick up on the small signs, gut feelings, and little moments of validation that point you in the right direction. Listen and pay attention to those gut feelings, there is a reason they are there. It’s hard to quiet our minds long enough to pick up on these things but they are there!

Alright, Love you guys! Trust in yourself and your intuitions, and be so so grateful for the friends and people in your life that come around at just the right time, and say or do just the right thing that you needed without even knowing it.

Stay Wild, my friends!

xoxo - Chrystal


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