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Project Home Refresh! (pray for me, friends!)

I. Am. Excited! I am excited because I am hitting the REFRESH button on my home. Yep! That means I am doing a few updates (some as easy as new curtains), and I am ecstatic! Now, we are NOT doing a full on remodel, let’s not get crazy here. But we are going to do a few things that hopefully make for dramatic changes!

Background – We’ve owned our home since May of 2008. That is about 13 years, and we haven’t changed much since we moved in. The house had a white exterior and mostly white interior when we purchased it, so basically a blank canvas. We immediately painted the ENTIRE inside, like “hey friends, we have beer, please come help paint our whole house!” and they did. Then a couple months later it was “hey friends, we bought more beer, please come help paint the exterior of our home!” and they did. That right there is how you know you’ve got THE BEST friends!

Now, let me tell you about the colors we first painted the house. They were bold. Most of the interior was a semi-dark tan like color with a green undertone (wow…), in the living room I painted a rusty orange accent wall and in the dining room another accent wall… that was a bright avocado-ish green (again, I say “wow”). In our master bedroom was that same tan and of course… another avocado accent wall. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL WORLD?! In the room I deemed the music room I chose a dark hot pink accent wall (not going to lie – I actually loved this wall). Obviously in my short time as a grown up with her own home, I assumed that accent walls were a home decor must have! HA! The exterior of our home was painted and remains today (for a bit longer;) ) a nice, neutral green/olive type of color – this I am not embarrassed by, thank goodness.

(These are the only photos I could find to show you these amazing (eye roll) accent walls – enjoy!)

Fast forward to the summer of 2016, I could no longer stand the colors inside my house. Yes, it took 8 whole years. I needed to paint the ENTIRE inside of our home again, and that did not sound like fun. I did not feel like buying beer and having a painting party this time (that’s what happens when you are 8 years older and now have 3 kids). So I hired some awesome ladies and went from that horrible tan/green color to a BEAUTIFUL greige tone. It turned out amazing, I didn’t have to paint a thing, and it still looks great today! I did still add 1 accent wall (old habits die hard!), a nice blue in my dining room. This same summer we replaced the carpet in the upstairs with a dark hardwood – BOOM! Totally changed!

(Again, not the best photos to show, but it’s what I could find And my boys are pretty cute!)

I’m sure you are totally dying to know what we are planning to do this time around?! Right?! We will not be repainting the interior (despite the fact that I really want to change my blue accent wall to a hunter or other shade of green – the hubs says no). We are planning to paint the exterior, replace garage doors, replace the front door and some other fun and easy interior décor types of things! GAH! SO EXCITED! I will fill you in along the way as this could become a little mini series of sorts.

If you don’t already follow @wildlyyoublog on Instagram and Facebook, please do! You can follow along with my updating and refreshing the home experience and even give me your opinions and help make decisions! This is going to be fun! Until next time, Stay Wild my friends! xoxo – Chrystal



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