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Rothenberger Christmas Family Fun Night – family traditions…

Tradition! Tradition. – if you are my sisters, my mom, or an avid Broadway musical fan, you read that and totally sang the song from Fiddler On the Roof with me. I thank you for that!

And now that I have that song stuck in your head, I’m going to introduce you to a little Rothenberger family tradition that we started about 3 or so years ago. This tradition is called… “Rothenberger Christmas Family Fun Night”! (I challenge you to say that 3 times fast!)

When I’ve mentioned our Christmas Family Fun Night previously, I am asked “what in the world is that?”. So today, I welcome you into the crazy that is my head, as I introduce you to and explain more about what our “Rothenberger Christmas Family Fun Night” entails.

One super important element needed for our Christmas Family Fun Night is… MATCHING FAMILY CHRISTMAS PAJAMAS! Because what fun is a party or family night without matching costumes, pjs, or attire?! Not a very fun one! So matching family Christmas pjs, for everyone involved (yes, that means my husband as well) is an absolute must have for us.

Not only is dressing up in matching attire amazingly fun, it also adds a bit of silliness to the evening which the kids LOVE! Because much of our evening involves others seeing us in our matching pjs, I hope that this experience also instills confidence in my children. I hope that it teaches them to be unapologetically and confidently themselves, in all things. And to appreciate others’ uniqueness as well.

– Tip for buying your matching pjs, start early! Matching Christmas pjs have become a huge hit and sell out really fast! If you want to find something cute, AND in the correct sizes for everyone, SHOP EARLY!

Back to the details!

Christmas Family Fun Night does not take place on Christmas like the name suggests. Our fun night begins on the last day of school before Christmas Break. Because our kids are still relatively young, oftentimes the day before Christmas break is also PJ day at school – BONUS! So everyone is in their pjs and ready for the fun to begin when they are home from school!

Notice the Elsa photo bomb. HA!

The first activity on our list is going to a movie… in the theater… IN OUR PJs! That’s what makes this fun. Going to the movie theater is a super fun treat, and going with the entire family makes it even more special!

Depending on the time of day and how light or dark it is outside, after the movie we either go out to eat, or drive around town to admire the Christmas lights. You may be asking, “Are you going to a restaurant in your pjs?!” Yes! We proudly go out to eat at a restaurant, dressed in our matching Christmas pjs. The many smiles and compliments while out and about adds to the fun of the night! Bringing joy to others makes us all smile! Then we grab hot cocoas for the fam, turn on the Christmas music, and drive around looking at Christmas lights.

Once we arrive back home, we continue the fun with games, another movie, or read our favorite Christmas books by the fire.

Enjoying the lights at Falls Park.

Our family fun night feels magical and nostalgic to me. I hope that our kiddos look back on these years and remember “Rothenberger Christmas Family Fun Night” as something magical and special as well. Now, I would be lying if I said it was all smiles, laughter, and love the entire night. We are in no way perfect! There are groans about movie or restaurant choice, kids that are hungry or tired, and therefore whining in the backseat. It is never perfect, but it is us, and that is perfect.

If you are looking to start your own family tradition, or perhaps a family fun night yourself, do what feels good and right for your family. What is something you all enjoy doing? How can you be a little silly together? Your night will be special because it is your night. Wildly You is all about embracing you! So in planning your night or traditions, stay true to you and your family. Stay wild!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Stay Wild my friends, xoxo – Chrystal

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