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Let's Dream! Step 1 to Goal Setting.

Updated: Feb 27

Hey there dreamer! Last post we did a meditation to help us visualize our future selves. If you're starting here and skipping that post - totally ok! But if you want to do a really nice, relaxing visualization, you can jump back to the previous post or just click here to go right to the meditation!

Visualizing our dreams isn't just about wishful thinking—it's about delving into our subconscious and truly feeling the possibilities come alive within us. It's about seeing it, feeling it, and believing that every dream we conjure is within our grasp.

But let's be real: We can't just meditate our way to our goals while binge-watching Netflix (although, wouldn't that be nice?). We know that reaching our dreams takes action. And that's where our next adventure begins: Goal Setting!


There are countless methods for setting goals—SMART goals, resolutions, fly by the seat of our pants, or the "set them and forget them" approach (which, let's face it, isn't the most effective strategy). I'm a firm believer in setting goals in a way that fits with your unique rhythm and flow. Use the frameworks as guides, not rigid rules. As with everything take what feels good and use it, leave the rest.

For me the SMART goals method isn’t my favorite. I get the concept - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timebound. But sometimes our timeline changes, sometimes there isn’t a specific number or measurable number, and to be honest - it’s mostly because I’m a rebel who doesn’t like to be restrained, I have a thing against formality, rules, structure (that isn’t mine), etc. However, I know that I work well when I have a bit of structure in place. All of our brains work a little differently. All of our lives have their own flow and rhythm. So again, use the frameworks as guides not strict rules. Work WITH your brain and natural rhythm rather than forcing yourself to do it exactly like someone else.

Before we get into the planning and all that goes with it. We first need to know what our goals and dreams are. I absolutely LOVE goals. My number one strength on the strengths finder is actually futuristic, so when it comes to future visualizations and goals, this is my JAM! I do however, understand that not everyone thinks like this. Not everyone has a steady flow of dreams, goals and ideas in their mind at all times. Not to worry! This is where we are going to start. The actual "what is the goal?" part. The dreaming part. Then, over the next couple of weeks we'll move into action planning and mindset. Woo hoo! Here we go!


Before we move into action planning towards our dreams. We need to write out what those dreams are. I call this the Dream Stream.

dream stream & rating scale
Download • 79KB

This is exactly how it sounds. It's like a brain dump for your goals and dreams. Write EVERYTHING down, all of your thoughts, dreams, goals, no holds bar. Nothing is too big and nothing is too small. We are not judging our goals and dreams here, we are just letting it flow. Let it be messy, outlandish, and ridiculous. Just write it out. We'll go back through in a bit and decide what you actually want to work towards. For now, just write.

I read once "if you don't write it down, then it must not be that important to you". The Dream Stream is often where those really big dreams that we've been afraid to speak aloud, come out. It's awesome!

Next we CATEGORIZE (optional step)

If you really like things neat and tidy or it makes sense when your goals have categories. This step is for you. You may no CATEGORIZE your goals into different areas of your life that make sense to you.

Here are some suggested categories that I found on the internet. Do not overthink it, you don’t have to have all the categories and yours can look super different. In fact I have a category that’s literally called just for fun, and in this category I have things like paint my nails more often and read all of Reese’s book club monthly books. You do You.

Possible Categories:

  • Spiritual

  • Financial

  • Career/Business

  • Health & Wellness

  • Personal/Intellectual

  • Family/Marriage

  • Social/Relationship

  • Just for Fun

Then you CUT and RATE

Boring * Inspiring * Overwhelming

Once you have your dreams and goals written out on your Dream Stream, categorized if you felt like it, you can move on to rate and cut them. The rating scale is an idea I got from Jon Acuff that I think is incredibly helpful, especially for those of us who are recovering perfectionists.

As you look through your Dream Stream, you are now going to rate those goals/dreams on a scale as either boring, inspiring, or overwhelming. (Use the Dream Stream pdf from above - the rating scale is also there). A good goal will fit in that sweet spot in the middle, inspiring.

Here are his thoughts on this - if the goal is boring, you will get bored of it. It won't be challenging enough to keep you interested and you'll just let it go because you're bored! If the goal is overwhelming, feels too big, or really unrealistic you may give up quickly because of that overwhelm. Or you'll give up because perfectionism creeps in and tells you that you messed up or missed a day and now you might as well quit because you're behind now.

My personal opinion is that overwhelming goals may still be worth having as a goal/dream, but you may want to give yourself more time to get there, and really work in that plan stage if the overwhelming goal is important to you.

Back to inspiring, this is the goal in the sweet spot, the middle. Inspiring goals are just challenging enough to make it fun and rewarding, but not to the point of overwhelm and burn out. It's that sweet spot, that feels good and exciting. This is where you want most of your goals to land.

As you rate your goals, you'll get to cut the ones that land in the boring or overwhelming category as well as any of them that when looking at them a second time, you really aren't into and they don't light any sort of fire. Many of these more "boring" goals you wrote down may actually be more like habits that you need to build in order to achieve a bigger more exciting dream or goal. We'll get to that in a bit. You also get to go through and cut the ones that you really don’t want or don’t really light any sort of fire. These also may actually be more habits to build in order to achieve a bigger dream/goal. That’s where we’ll be headed next time…

Next week, we'll continue this series on goals by moving into breaking down our goals and creating action plans in order to achieve and accomplish those goals!

Your next steps: If you haven't already, listen to the Future You meditation, take some time to journal about what you saw, felt and learned. Then use the Dream Stream to write out all of your goals/dreams, then the rating scale to further clarify what goals you actually want to take action towards.

As you reflect on your goals and dreams, remember that the power to create the life you desire lies within you. Embrace your unique journey and trust in your ability to navigate it.

If you're feeling overwhelmed or unsure of your next steps, or, if you just want someone to guide you in your dreaming, consider booking a coaching session with me (click the link or email hello@livewildlyyou to set one up). Together, we can explore your goals, create actionable plans, and uncover the strategies that work best for you.

Your future self is already within you, and she's ready to shine brighter than ever before. Here's to a future filled with wild possibilities! ✨

Dream Wildly!

xoxo - Chrystal


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