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Future You Guided Meditation

I'm so excited to bring to you, my first recorded meditation!

This is a meditation that I love to do with the women at the Wildly Business Retreats each year to help with dreams and goal planning. It is a Future You guided meditation.

Future You meditation youtube cover photo. Chrystal in the black hills doing tree pose on the snowy trails.

The purpose of this meditation is to visualize and see yourself just one year in the future. By doing this you are able to see your vision more clearly and then create goals and plans to create this vision and future that you have seen. It helps you to see that future self, feel it, and believe it is true and possible.

So get cozy and listen in to this Future You meditation. Enjoy!

Once you've finished, it's really helpful to journal about what you saw, felt, and heard. I've created a journal prompt download for you to use, specific to this meditation. Once you journal out ALL the things, don't tuck it away to never be looked at again. Bring this vision of you into your mind each night as you fall asleep, look at what you wrote weekly or monthly in order to remember what it is you are moving towards or who you are becoming. Let this be the reminder that keeps you going on the days it gets boring or hard.

Journal Prompts for Future You Meditation

I'd LOVE to hear what you learned, saw, felt, and thought of this meditation. Please share in the comments below or send me an email I'd also love to know if you enjoyed this meditation and would like to hear more! Until next time my friends, know that this Future You that you have meet or will meet in this meditation is YOU. You are already her and can begin becoming her right now.

Stay Wild! xoxo - Chrystal


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