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The "Why" behind the Wildly You Women's Summit Event.

women laughing in the grass for the Wildly You Women's Summit event graphic

If we’ve known each other for a while now, you probably remember that I started this whole entrepreneurship thing as a women’s clothing boutique owner. If we haven’t known each other very long... Hi, I'm Chrystal and before Wildly You, I was a boutique owner. I started my boutique as a mobile boutique in 2015, out of a big, pink truck we lovingly refer to as Betty. Then in 2019 I opened a gorgeous storefront, and in the summer of 2022 closed the boutique and made the leap fully into Wildly You.

So Chrystal…why does that matter?

It matters because it was during my time as a boutique owner that I was sooo blessed to meet and get to know so many amazing women! I got to know many of them really really well as they became very loyal shoppers. Some I didn’t get to know as well, but was still able to form a pretty awesome connection with them while they shopped in the store.

Oftentimes the women in my store would completely open up to me about some pretty personal things. I feel honored that they felt it was a safe space, and that I was a safe person to allow themselves to open up about whatever was on their mind. Many times it was dealing with not feeling comfortable in their bodies, struggling with limiting beliefs, parenting issues, feeling like they’ve lost themselves, body image, loneliness, etc. I told you, we skipped right past the small talk and dove into the deep end, and I loved it. I found myself offering encouragement and tidbits from my own reading and experiences. It felt good and natural and amazing when they left with more of a pep in their step and smile on their faces.

Then what…?

I wanted to encourage and uplift more women. I wanted to share with these women all of the struggles that I, myself had experienced, as well as give encouragement for whatever they were going through. I wanted to offer support and community, a feeling of togetherness and connection in knowing that they weren’t alone in their feelings and experiences. So I started a blog.

I started the blog while also running my boutique. I just wanted to put something “out there” that could help and encourage women. So the blog seemed like the place to do it!

Then came the Wildly You Women’s Summit Event.

The Wildly You Women’s Summit for me, was a bucket list dream… or in my case, a secret sticky note goal (I love my stickey notes!).

While writing and starting the blog, I wanted to do more. I wanted to create a space where women could gather and feel comfortable to just be. A place where they could make connections with others and know that they aren’t alone, maybe even meet a new friend or two. I wanted to create a space where they could also connect with themselves again, to rediscover who they are, and to fully love themselves!

I knew of other events that existed for women, but many of the events I knew about or had attended were very specific. Specifically for women in business, or women business owners, or corporate leadership, etc. I wanted to create something for all women.

I wanted to create this space of safety, where women can come together, allow themselves to dream again and feel their creativity, and whole self come to life! I knew deep down that whatever this thing became, it needed to be something in person. Because in person is the way that we could experience the feeling of real connection that happens so beautifully when people are physically in person together. I knew it needed to be an event. I needed to create the Wildly You Women’s Summit.

From sticky note to reality.

As you remember, this event was in my mind, and on my famous sticky note idea board. It was in journals and quite literally in my dreams, but I didn’t have the courage to speak it out loud to anyone else for quite a while.

Finally, on my first unofficial Wildly Business Retreat, I shared my dream. I shared that I wanted to create an event with speakers and shopping and swag. I wanted it to feel really really special and for every woman who came to also feel really really special. I spoke my dream out loud.

I believe that when we speak our dreams out loud... that’s when they finally begin to take shape. It’s like we are finally open and willing to admit to ourselves that this is something we want. I believe it’s when our Creator says “ok, she’s ready now” and starts to help put the things and people in place to make that dream a reality. And that is exactly what happened.

After that business retreat, a friend who was there said to me “Remember the event you want to put on? Let’s do it!” and because of her belief and assistance, I was able to host the first Wildly You Women’s Summit in 2021.

Chrystal speaking in front of the attendees of the 2022 Wildly You Women's Summit Event
2022 Wildly You Women's Summit

That first Summit was beyond anything I could have imagined. Yes, there were some issues with the sound system (Hi, I’m the sound system guy 🤪 ) But everything else was like a dream. I felt like I was floating but also so grounded. When I looked out at the women in attendance who were laughing, crying, and hugging one another, I knew. This event is so special, and so needed, and it was something I was supposed to do. And I’m so blessed to get to put it on year after year.

I’ve had women tell me that they met someone new at the event and they are now great friends! I’ve had women share that most other events have a hard time keeping their attention and they usually end up writing grocery lists and to-dos but don’t even take out their calendar during the Wildly You Women’s Summit. I’ve had others come the first year and invite 6 people to come with them the next year because it was so meaningful.

The absolutely best thing about this summit in my opinion, is the connections made with one another, as well as the reconnection with yourself. It is a beautiful beautiful experience, one that I have a hard time describing in words. You have to be there and feel it for yourself in order to fully understand its worth and impact.

Again, I am so so honored to create this space and experience that feels safe, welcoming, and open. A space where you can feel connected to each person in the room while also deepening your connection with yourself. A space where you begin to dream again, and to feel your creative spirit come to life once more. A space where you feel comfortable and confident to Be Wildly You.

Stay Wild! Xoxo - Chrystal

**To find out more about the Wildly You Women’s Summit and all of the other Wildly You events, please check out this link, DM me @livewildlyyou on FB or Insta, or send me an email - I’d love to see you there!


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