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Momfession… baby books…

My kids do not have baby books… Whew, there it is in black and white and lightning did not strike me down! I’m still here, alive and kickin’ and guess what… so are my kids!

Ok, let’s back up here for a second. My kids do have baby books, they just aren’t really filled in completely… or even close to completely and they most certainly do not have photos attached to the pages marked for photos. There are random cards, photos and newspaper clippings tucked in the pages (not in any strategic manner btw) that I placed there in hopes of putting together the perfect baby book that my kids could swoon over later on in life. But guess what, LIFE HAPPENED! And I was very much present for life, and present while their little bodies and minds were growing and changing! I was there, soaking it in, taking photos, and living life with them. Even if I don’t have beautifully put together baby books with every moment of my kids’ early days documented and accompanied by the perfect scrapbook page of photos, I know I was there for it.

I’ve spent sooooo much time feeling guilty about this. Feeling less “momish” and like a bad mom because I didn’t find joy and fulfillment, or take the time to fill in ALL the things in the baby books. That may sound silly to some, or maybe some of you are thinking “how dare you not have baby books!”. But I’ve fully accepted that I just wasn’t and am not the baby book mom. If you also find that your baby books are staring at you with blank pages, I want you to know IT’S OK! Your children will be fine! Take the photos, live life, give them love and food – they’ll be alright!

We moms have so much pressure put on us to be “perfect” and do SO many things! Pressure we feel from the outside, social media, other moms, and pressure we put on ourselves. We feel like we need to be the classroom volunteer, go on all the field trips, bake gluten free/dairy free/sugar free brownies for the soccer team, smile all the time, never yell, host all the play dates, crafting galore, put on Pinterest worthy birthday parties, etc etc etc. And all this while we are also supposed to make sure we take care of ourselves, exercise regularly, and don’t forget carpool week, make dinner, do the laundry… WOW I’m exhausted just writing that!

Do you see where I’m going with all of this?! It’s IMPOSSIBLE to do it all and do it all “perfectly”. Give yourself some grace! Don’t like volunteering in your kids’ classroom? Then don’t! Don’t really like crafting? Throw some crayons and paper on the table and let the kids figure it out! Think those Pinterest parties look cool but don’t have time to make the decor? It’s ok – Target has some cute stuff and your kids will still think their party ROCKS! Seriously mama, are your kids fed, fairly happy, and have a place to lay their head at night? You are ROCKING this mom thing!

Next time you feel overwhelmed, or guilty about your “mommin”… take a breath, cry it out if you need to, then ask if the thing you’re worried about will matter in 5 years, if not… inhale then exhale and let it go. I’m speaking this to you because I need to hear it myself. You are amazing. You are loving. You are a great mom. Your kids love you. Your kids admire you. You are the best mom to your kids. Give yourself grace, nobody is perfect.

Love you all! I’m reaching out and giving you a great big hug right now! Sending love and positive energy your way.

Stay wild my friends! Xoxo – Chrystal


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