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30 Day Challenge – make yourself a promise!

I love GOALS!!! Imagine me saying “I Love Goals” like Austin Powers saying “I love Gold” in Goldmember because that’s totally how I’m saying it! Is that inappropriate? If you didn’t get that reference, sorry not sorry! Trust me, it’s funny! Ok, back to the conversation here – Goals. I love them. I have notebooks full of goals and dreams. Every year as January approaches my husband gets that “oh no, what crazy things is she going to make us do this year?” look in his eye whenever I say the words “so, I’ve been thinking”, or “I have an idea”. I. LOVE. GOALS.

Throughout my years of goal setting, I have realized that I often get SUPER excited and want to work towards ALL the goals, ALL at once – you and me both know this is not possible. Even though I know it isn’t possible, I still try my darndest. Generally as month 1 of working towards all the goals comes to an end, I’m already feeling behind and like a failure. Therefore allowing negative self talk to creep in… or I’m just plain tired and burnt out because we are not made to go after all 94 goals at one time! We are amazing beings (especially as women ), but we can not achieve and work towards all the things, full throttle, all at once. In fact, rumor has it, that you should actually work really hard towards ONE goal at a time… Say WHAT?! Yes! Choose one goal and put your effort there, and guess what often happens… Things start to move in a positive direction, and those other goals you have… you actually start making strides towards them as well, just because of your amazing focus on the one thing. I know. Mind. Blown!

So this year, I wrote out all my goals and dreams per usual. I still have that amazing notebook full of goodness. And I still managed to freak my husband out with all of my ideas, dreams, and plans for our future. But, this time I decided that I would focus on one goal at a time. And then I thought, what if I challenge myself to do 1 thing EVERY DAY for 30 days. The thought behind this being, if I challenged myself, aka made a promise to myself, to do just 1 thing every day for 30 days, it would create a healthy habit that I could continue to carry on! Not only would it create a healthy habit, but it would also show me that I CAN do anything I set my mind to (and so can you!). Then, I started thinking even bigger – that’s just how I work. After the first 30 days, I could choose another challenge for the next 30 days while continuing to also do the first habit. Do you see where I’m going here?! If we add just 1 healthy habit each month, we could add 12 healthy/good habits to our “healthy rituals” box in just 1 year! WOAH! How would you feel, how would you look, how would you grow both personally and professionally, how would you positively impact your mind, body and soul?! Dang! I think there’d be some massive, positive growth and change in just 12 months! This sounds pretty great, right?!

For The first 30 days, I chose to do Yoga every day. And I did it! Even when I was in Arizona on a business retreat and we had done a challenging 4 mile hike during the day and I was tired that evening – I did my yoga (big thanks to the ladies who were by my side and encouraged me not to miss a day). And you know what, I feel sooo good about that. I am proud that I kept a promise to myself by showing up on my mat every day for 30 days.

For the next 30 days, I have vowed to continue to move my body every day for at least 30 minutes (this time rotating between yoga/strength/cardio etc) and I know I will do it, because it feels good to mark off the days in my calendar! And the new challenge/habit that I am adding on this month, is drinking my recommended daily water intake. I like water and already drink a decent amount daily, but I know I need more – so this is my next 30 day challenge.


I am a visual person who also likes the feeling of accomplishment, aka checking off a box or crossing something out when I have completed it. So one thing I have found super helpful in sticking with a 30 day challenge is a simple calendar. I print off my 30 day calendar, and each day that I complete my daily challenge, I put a big, fat “X” through that day. It is massively satisfying to cross each day off, it’s like a little pat on the back and word of encouragement each day. There is something about physically marking it down with pen to paper, that feels so good. You know the feeling – like when you do something that’s been on your “to do” list and you finally get to cross it off. It’s like “YES! I am a badass! I totally rocked today!”. And let me tell you, YOU are totally a badass! And YOU totally rocked your day!


So here’s my challenge to you, whatever day or month it is RIGHT NOW, choose your thing. This is not just a beginning of the month or beginning of the year thing, you can start right now. Choose the thing you are going to challenge yourself to do each day, for the next 30 days. Make a promise to yourself to do that thing each day. If you need to write it down, do it! If you need to tell someone so they hold you accountable, do it! Seriously, you have the ability to do this thing, you are worthy of doing it for yourself! Once you have “your thing” grab the calendar or print one off. Hang that calendar somewhere that makes sense for you, somewhere you can see it many times a day. Perhaps tell your friends, spouse, and kids what you are doing and hang that calendar on the fridge so they can see it too! They will encourage you and cheer you on, especially on the days you aren’t quite feeling up to the challenge. Then each day, when you put a big “X” on that calendar, allow yourself to feel proud. You did it! And dang, you are amazing!

Let us know what your “thing” is! Tell us below and also on our Facebook and Instagram – let us encourage you and cheer you on!

Stay wild my friends!

Xoxo – Chrystal


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